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The computer won’t power up.
Check power connectors.
  • Plug in the back of the PC
  • Plug in the back of the monitor
  • Plug in the surge protector
  • Wall plug
Check the surge protector and press the reset button.  Then press the CPU power button to restart.
Check the monitor.  Is it powered up?
If the computer still won’t power up, we need to open a ticket with IT.
Login Problems
Error message: “View Connection Server communication error”
Action: Try changing the number in the drop down option.  For example, if the drop down option read “” try changing it to “”
Error message: "The desktop sources for this desktop are not responding"
Action: This means the server is down.  Call IT (301-295-6300).
Error: "No user could be found for your certificate."
Action: There’s been a system change over and people who previously had access may need to go to One Stop to have access re-established.
Speaker / Audio Problems
While the user is logged on:
  Click start, 
select control panel, 
select Hardware and sounds, 
Under sounds select CHANGE SYSTEM SOUNDS, 
select the PLAYBACK TAB, 
right click the TEREDICI SOUND and select SET AS DEFAULT DEVICE  
Speaker volume knob is at the right end of the speaker bar along the bottom of the monitor.
There are two headphone jacks on the left side of the speaker, which is attached to the bottom of the monitor screen.
Can I use my flash drive/thumb drive/CD/floppy disk?
You cannot use flash drives on NNMC staff or guest PCs.  The IT One Stop shop has a computer that will scan flash drives for viruses and let people get a file off their flash drive.  You cannot use floppy disks but you can save files to CDs.  You can also view files on CDs, but you cannot download programs from CDs.
The computer says that someone else is logged in.
If you have reason to believe that person is no longer in the library, power down the PC by holding the power button down for about 5 seconds.  Wait about 5 seconds, and then press the power button again.

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